Sexy Sasha’s 400lb celebratory weigh in cake


sexy Sasha's weight gain pic

Sasha is a proud outgoing North West girl hailing from Oregon who started modelling 4 years ago for when she weighed in at 350lbs. Over the years Sasha’s weight has increased to North of 450lbs and her curves have expanded widthways too giving her more to jiggle and show off. Sasha loves to celebrate her weight gain with a yummy cake or too so I couldn’t resist sharing this celebratory pic of when she reached her 400lb milestone. A true exhibitionist Sasha loves to party and would love you to join her to see a lot more of her at her  personal website.

SSBW Dating surprise


ssbbw dating

I was surfing the net today and browsing through some BBW Dating Profiles as you do when who should I come across but none other than 340lb ssbbw babe Ginger Jane looking for a date!!! Now sadly Ginger is the wrong side of the pond for me to take advantage of the opportunity of a life time so I thought I’d do the decent thing and let you know she’s available. Ginger goes by the profile name “mizzamylee” at BBW Dating Profiles which is a free to join plus size personals site.

Flaming hot SSBBW Zsalynn


ssbbw Zsalynn posing in a new bikini

SSBBW Zsalynn recently discovered her weight had dropped to a skinny 542lbs ~ faced with such bad news she lost no time in diverting via the Cheesecake Factory for a double cheesecake snack to pile on her missing pounds. You can check out the belly stuffing action exclusively at Big Fat Chics which has recently had a very welcome face lift and enjoy supersized bbw Zsalynn and her ssbbw playmates indulging in plenty of ssbbw squashing, crushing and full weight face sitting.

Naked ssbbw Tiffany Cushinberry


ssbbw Tiffany Cushinberry showing off her jumbo ass

Fellow fat worshipping fans today I am going to be doing a super sized ssbbw update to the blog so keep checking back because I promise you there is plenty of good stuff to look forward to today. I decided to kick off the updates with super sexy ssbbw swinger Tiffany Cushinberry. I’ve followed Tiffany’s porn career over the years and she just gets bigger and better every year.
I just LOVE this pic of her slapping her jumbo butt in the pool. If the sight of Tiffany’s big juicy butt emerging from the water isn’t enough to get you going just check her out posing naked in the pool. I know I’d be keen to dive in and I don’t just mean in to the pool;0)

ssbbw Tiffany Cushinberry naked in the pool

Black ssbbw sex – threesome!


black ssbbw sented kisses

If I had to name my favourite black ssbbw at the moment it would just have to be Sented Kisses – I’m never quite sure if her name is spelt “Sented Kisses” or “Scented Kisses” as she appears to model using both names. Weighing in at over 370lbs with a reputed huge 80 inch super sized big black ass there is a lot to like about Sented Kisses. I’d seen a few pictures of her posing naked showing off her super sized curves before and then I hit the jackpot at Baby Got Fat where I discovered she’d also done some very hot hardcore scenes with black ssbbw Farrah Foxx. If you’ve yet to come across black ssbbw sensation Sented Kisses I’m sure the sight of a pic from here recent ssbbw FFM threesome scenes with Farrah will persuade you this is a sexy black ssbbw you MUST get to know better in 2010.

ssbbw sex pic

SSBBW Amazon Anastasia Vanderbust interracial


Amazonian bisexual ssbbw porn star Anastasia Vanderbust is always horny as hell and loves to give sloppy wet blow jobs while talking nasty. She’s kinky as fuck and open to just about any fetish you can think of with a 366lb supersized bbw body with curves that have to be seen from every angle to be fully appreciated. With a moniker like Anastasia Vanderbust you know she’s going to have pretty impressive ssbbw tits and her all natural 48Gs don’t disappoint. Combine caramel skin, dark hair hazel eyes and a banging body and you’re always going to have a winning combination. Click on Anastasia’s pics to see her showcasing her cock sucking skills in an interracial MMF threesome.

interracial MMF ssbbw threesome

SSBBW Web Cam Sensation – 500lb Kellie Kay


supersized bbw Kellie Kay

Supersized blond bi-sexual bombshell Kellie Kay weighs in at a luscious 500lb and is a self confessed cookie and cheesecake addict with a passion for flaunting her curves. Kellie loves to hear fat admirers fantasies and if you’re lucky enough you’ll manage to get her all to yourself for a one on one mind blowing cam session at All BBW Cams.  Be warned though Kellie is a growing quarter ton of fun that really loves to get freaky!!

SSBBW Sammee Matthews


naked ssbbw picture

I LOVE super sexy ssbbw Sammee Matthews so have set up a sort of mini blog full of my favourite pics of this ssbbw goddess to share with fellow fat loving fans. If you admire Sammee as much as me feel free to check it out at SSBBW Sammee Matthews and rest assured I’ll be regularly updating it.

Stunning Mandy Blake Christmas pics


sexy bbw Mandy Blake

I’ve always been a huge fan of super hot fat babe Mandy Blake. At the tender age of 29 she’s now celebrating the 9th year of her plump porn website Mandy’s Playhouse being online. If you can last that long on the net with huge competition from much richer porn corporations you know she is doing something very right. And Mandy does a lot right ~ she’s a big beautiful woman in every sense of the word and puts her heart and soul into ensuring her fat loving fans get exactly what they want. She may be an amateur bbw model but her site puts more professional operations to shame.

This busty fat elf is definitely what I’ll be hoping Santa brings me this year. If you’d like to add one to your Christmas list be sure to pay Mandy a visit at her online home Mandy’s Playhouse and see if you’ve been good enough this year.

Gaining goddess – ssbbw Amatrix


ssbbw Amatrix

Gaining Gabi one of my favourite ssbbw feedee’s and she’s always on the hunt for sexy ssbbw to guest model at her site. The latest new addition to her supersized bbw site is ssbbw Amatrix. Ever heard of her? Well  I must admit I have already had the pleasure of perving over Amatrix before when I discovered her ssbbw belly dance video clip online under the name Amatrix Fetisha. Amatrix should really be called a sssbbw because she is super sexy as well as being super sized in all the right places. If you’ve yet to experience her full fat figure do yourself a favour and pop over to Gaining Gabi’s for her latest stuff!

ssbbw feedee gaining gabi