Stunning Mandy Blake Christmas pics


sexy bbw Mandy Blake

I’ve always been a huge fan of super hot fat babe Mandy Blake. At the tender age of 29 she’s now celebrating the 9th year of her plump porn website Mandy’s Playhouse being online. If you can last that long on the net with huge competition from much richer porn corporations you know she is doing something very right. And Mandy does a lot right ~ she’s a big beautiful woman in every sense of the word and puts her heart and soul into ensuring her fat loving fans get exactly what they want. She may be an amateur bbw model but her site puts more professional operations to shame.

This busty fat elf is definitely what I’ll be hoping Santa brings me this year. If you’d like to add one to your Christmas list be sure to pay Mandy a visit at her online home Mandy’s Playhouse and see if you’ve been good enough this year.

Gaining goddess – ssbbw Amatrix


ssbbw Amatrix

Gaining Gabi one of my favourite ssbbw feedee’s and she’s always on the hunt for sexy ssbbw to guest model at her site. The latest new addition to her supersized bbw site is ssbbw Amatrix. Ever heard of her? Well  I must admit I have already had the pleasure of perving over Amatrix before when I discovered her ssbbw belly dance video clip online under the name Amatrix Fetisha. Amatrix should really be called a sssbbw because she is super sexy as well as being super sized in all the right places. If you’ve yet to experience her full fat figure do yourself a favour and pop over to Gaining Gabi’s for her latest stuff!

ssbbw feedee gaining gabi

SSBBW Facesitting – Goddess Patty


ssbbw full weight face sitting

SSBBW Goddess Patty is a true supersized bbw who weighs in at over 600lbs and has huge big fat hips that spread to a whopping 109 inches when she’s sitting!!! Patty is a living ssbbw legend and has achieved celebrity status globally appearing in newspapers, magazines and documentaries all focusing on her trampling career. If you think you are man enough to cope and want to meet Patty for ssbbw face-sitting, crushing, smothering, body and ass worshipping sessions you can find all the details at her site Goddess Patty

Naughty ssbbw suspended


sexy ssbbw Sammee posing

Whay are there so many hot redheaded ssbbw??? SSBBW Sammee Anderson is the latest fat redhead hottie to catch my eye. She’s a supersized sexy fat babe tipping the scales at just over 400 lbs and there’s certainly lots of Sammee to love. At only 5 feet 1 inch tall passionate redhead Sammee actually looks heavier than her official stats with a triple portion of curves and a creamy white 68 inch ssbbw ass that I guarantee you won’t be able to resist! Sammee is very much an amateur web model although that may all change soon. She’s recently been suspended after her employer found out she was posing nude and getting nasty on the net. The cucumber insertion shots probably didn’t go down so well at work either but their loss is our gain!!



SSBBW Belly – Hottie Megan


fat fantasy girl Megan
Bellylicious fat fantasy girl Hottie Megan has been online for 7 years now and her site boasts over 20,000 pics and video clips showing off every inch of her super curvy body. I’ve been busy creating a ssbbw blog to share a few of my favourite pics of Megan getting naked and you’re invited to come check it out at SSBBW Belly Queen Megan

Sexy new black ssbbw pear Lizz


black ssbbw pear Lizz

New black ssbbw porn star “Big Lizz” has to be the hottest black ssbbw porn star on the planet. Not only is she incredibly beautiful with “come to bed” eyes she has an exaggerated curvy supersize bbw body too with a positively gigantic 78 inch huge fat ass. Lizz’s over sized ass truly is something special and just has to be seen to be believed!!

Huge butt lover CJ Wright clapped eyes on Lizz’s giant butt and just had to have her. The resulting hardcore ssbbw sex scenes can be found at his site where you can marvel at Lizz’s ssbbw soft curves in motion.


Farrah Foxx – ebony ssbbw goddess

Ebony ssbbw Farrah Foxx posing

Click to see more of Farrah Foxx posing just for you!

I’ve seen black ssbbw Farrah Foxx described as a “bbw MILF” before but as far as I’m concerned that description just doesn’t do her justice. In my eyes Farrah Foxx truly is a stunning supersized bbw goddess worthy of any fat admirers attention. Blessed with a bottom heavy, ssbbw pear figure Farrah Foxx has 46DD boobs natural tits and wonderfully wide 63 inch hips – once seen you won’t ever forget this classy lady. She is a woman that oozes sex appeal and the camera just adores her.

Today’s pics are jaw droppingly amazing – so much so that I’m struggling right now not to drool on the keyboard. Farrah looks smoking hot as always. Her thighs and ass seem to have grown even bigger and more dimpled since I was last lucky enough to clap eyes on them. Every fleshy feminine fold of this supersized ebony beauty are gradually revealed as her come to bed eyes tease you. You can tell she’s a woman that loves to seduce and revels in her sexuality.

The good news is that Farrah seems to have been shooting lots of new content recently. I’ll naturally be sharing it all with you here on the blog. In the meantime make sure you click on Farrah’s pic above to see her retro bouduoir pics and let me know what you think in the comments below.



Ms Superdome Booty – black Amazon ssbbw


Black ssbbw Ms Superdome Booty showing off her huge butt

sexy ssbbbw Ms Superdome Booty

I can’t believe New Orleans own Ms Superdome Booty hasn’t featured on the blog before – this Amazonian black supersized beauty is definitely thicker than the average and a true legend. She has the most amazing bottom heavy juicy ssbbw pear figure – 44D ample tits, 32 inch waist and a great big whopping 80 inch black ssbbw butt. Now we are talking one seriously enormous ass here that you know you just have to check out.

Join her site and you may just experience the thrill of having your head crushed by her mighty thighs in a scissor hold or be lucky enough to sniff her feminine scent as she lowers herself on to your face for a full weight face sitting session never to be forgotten. Think you are up to the challenge?

See more of Ms Superdome Booty now

SSBBW Red’s butt balancing


huge fat white ssbbw ass

I just love this picture of sexy ssbbw Red balancing her creamy white 65 inch ssbbw ass on top of these exercise balls. This pose really shows off her exaggerated curves and well I’m a sucker for huge ass cheeks framed by the tiniest of thongs. If you think Red’s supersize ass looks stunning here you just HAVE to check out her first interracial scenes at CJ Wright XXX and see that magnificent ssbbw body in motion.

SSBBW Belly Bonanza


If you can’t resist truly supersized bbw and love a woman with a big fat belly then your going to love today’s free ssbbw pic because it features not one heavyweight hotty but two!! Now that’s double trouble in anyone’s books. SSBBW Deja Vu decided to challenge sexy ssbbw swinger Tiffany Cushinberry to an al fresco supersize bbw belly competition. Personally I think Tiff who really has been piling on the pounds wins the comp but you decide!!