Extreme ssbbw fat facesitting


full weight fat face sitting
If you are a lover of extreme full weight face sitting, ssbbw crushing and squashing  then you much check out ssbbw Zsalynn’s recent updates at Big Fat Chics. SBBW Zsalynn flaunts her recent weight gain squeezing her huge ssbbw butt into skimpy sheer panties to indulge in some incredible full weight fat facesitting on a weedy fat worshipping fan. And the action doesn’t stop there! SSBBW Zsalynn’s brutal ssbbw butt drops, ssbbw chest bouncing and ssbbw crushing displays left me gasping for breath so I can’t even begin to imagine how the guys getting squashed under her super sized frame felt.

ssbbw fat facesitting

Zsalynn complains that she hasn’t found any man strong enough to stand any longer than 2 minutes of her super sized squashing and welcomes anyone up for the challenge to get in touch. Are you that brave??

4 Responses to “Extreme ssbbw fat facesitting”

  1. Cameron says:

    Im brave enough to take the squashing of this beautiful SSBBW woman. I can hold my breath upwards of 7 minutes because my chest and blood pump more oxygen than the average human apparently. I’ve had a 600lb woman on my face for 5minutes straight so this shouldnt be a problem.

  2. Don says:

    Zsalynn is NOT BIG enough. I am not sure why she is complaining? I have seen there are 2 women over 700 pounds out there. Now I would love to be squashed by both of them at the same time. I would even sign an accidental death waiver just so they don’t have to worry and do a no limit…no mercy squash-a-thon with me as their victim. The only problem is the bad economy and I cannot afford to travel right now. Just my kind of luck! Go figure! Lol

  3. Face says:

    I would love to give it a try. Im good for about 3 minutes

  4. tex says:

    I was in her town once and she told me that she lost weight and it wasn’t fun any more and would not meet me.

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